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Mackwell Health is an innovator, leading the way with ingenious, sustainable solutions in infection prevention technology. Always backed by science, our UK engineered and manufactured solutions provide unprecedented levels of safety in the environments in which they are used.

More About Mackwell Health

With a background firmly grounded in electronics, software and regulatory approvals, Mackwell Group has developed a wealth of experience in safety critical solutions throughout the World and an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of reliable, innovative components and systems. This enables the company to provide customers with innovative solutions that give them a competitive edge in their target markets.

Mackwell Health has been launched as a new business within the Group to apply this level of scientific expertise and rigour to the needs of Healthcare professionals, building on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver sustainable, high efficacy and data-driven solutions in infection prevention, control and management. 

From re-usable, sustainable PPE, decontamination solutions to online data platforms for management of air and water quality, via UV-C air purification technologies, Mackwell Health is dedicated to supporting healthcare and infection control professionals in their mission to eliminate healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs).

Mission & Vision

Mackwell Health will provide innovative solutions in the field of Infection Control.

Our Mission is to improve the wellness of occupants of buildings and healthcare facilities sustainably, and eliminate HCAIs that cost billions to global health services annually.

Our solutions will ALWAYS have sound scientific basis and be backed with comprehensive suite of credible evidence.

Efficacy, Safety and Usability will co-exist as Key Evidence Requirements.

Systems are designed for continuous, maintained operation, treated as a life safety system.

Our Directors

Andy Davies
Commercial Director

Andy joined Mackwell Group in 2020 and was appointed...

Andy joined Mackwell Group in 2020 and was appointed Commercial Director of Mackwell Health in March 2021.
Andy has 16 years in commercially-focused roles and a track record of success in growing new business divisions around new technology platforms. Prior to his commercial career, Andy also spent 15 years in R&D roles and has a scientific background which enables him to appreciate the technical and scientific evidence basis for Mackwell Healths advanced infection control solutions.
Andy holds a PhD from Reading University UK, where he studied lithium-ion battery technology.

Nick Brangwin

Nick joined Mackwell in 1991, having previously worked...

Nick joined Mackwell in 1991, having previously worked within the Electrical Wholsale sector. His initial years were spent developing the UK business, moving to Export Sales Manager in 1998 to set up and develop the companies international business. He was appointed as Sales Director of Mackwell in 2004 and in December 2011 he became the owner and Managing Director of Mackwell.  

Ian Mutton
Research & Development Director

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Richard Beesley
Chief Technical Officer

Richard joined Mackwell in 2001 and is...

Richard joined Mackwell in 2001 and is responsible for our technical and systems development division. Richard is an expert in his field and represents Mackwell Health on many technical working groups.   

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