HM1500 Medi Mask

Product Overview

Comfortable, and Reusable Respiratory Protection

Protecting both mask wearers and others from particulates, including dust, aerosols, bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19, Corpro’s HM1500 Medi-Mask has been specifically designed for medical environments. The mask provides simultaneous inhale and exhale protection for medical staff, along with its quality filters which offer extremely high efficiencies.

Being easy to decontaminate the HM1500 Medi-Mask can be cleaned with various, readily-available products offering straightforward disinfection procedures.

Lightweight, fully serviceable and, the HM1500 is comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and can provide unrivalled protection for individuals who work in the healthcare industry.

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HM1500 Medi Mask Technical Specifications


Temperature conditioning24hrs in dry atmosphere at 70oC followed by 24hrs at -30 oC

Head harness pull testWithstand a pull of 50 N for 10s

Connectors pull testWithstand a pull of 50 N for 10s

Breathing resistance - 30 l/min0.35b mbar

Breathing resistance - 95 l/min0.1b mbar

Breathing resistance - 160 l/min0.79b mbar

Exhalation resistance at 160 l/min1.28 mbar

CO2 Content of Inhaled Air0.64%

Weight - Small121 g

Weight - Medium126 g

Weight - Large127 g

Filter: Breathing resistance - Inhale 30 l/min0.28b mbar

Filter: Breathing resistance - Inhale 95 l/min1.14b mbar

Filter: Breathing resistance - Exhale 30 l/min0.11b mbar

Filter: Efficiency - Inhale> 99.95%

Filter: Efficiency - Exhale> 94%

Filter: Viral filtration efficiency (VFE)> 99.99 %

Filter: Weight< 300 g per pair

Technology Features
Exhalation Control
Exhalation Control is achieved by a highly efficient filter attached to the mask. This provides filtration of exhaled breath whilst maintaining acceptably low levels of breathing resistance. According to recent guidance HM1500 is therefore a permissible RPE solution when undertaking surgical or invasive procedures, and procedures where sterility over the surgical field is required.
Relevant Standards
  • EN 140
  • EN 143
  • CE 2797
CL1: The Medi Half Mask is passed through a single burner, set up with a 40mm, 800 oC flame, at a constant speed of 60mm/s at a distance of 20mm between the burner and lowest part of the face-piece. The face-piece cannot continue to burn for 5 seconds after removal.

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HM1500 Medi Mask Product Ranges

Mask Only
Order Code Description
7000087 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Small 
7000088 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Medium
7000089 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Large
Mask & Filter
Order Code Description
7000090 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Small + Filter 
7000091 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Medium + Filter
7000092 Corpro HM1500 Medi Half Mask - Large + Filter
Filters & Accessories
Order Code Description
7000093 Corpro F1200 Inhale P3 Filter + F1200 Exhale P2 Filte 
7000023 Corpro Half Mask Storage Container - Small
7000094 Corpro HM1500 Valve + Gasket Spares

Key Features

  • Exceptionally low breathing resistance making it easier to breathe
  • Inhalation and exhalation respiratory protection from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Two-way respiratory protection
  • Latex free design
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • Inhale Filters with a Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) over 99.99%
  • Secure and versatile fitting with high fit             factors 1
  • Inhale filter with P3 efficiency and             protection (>99.95%)
  • Reusable – making it more cost effective
  • Fully maintainable - replacement parts available
  • Multiple sizes available, designed to fit 95% of the population
  • Low profile design seamlessly integrates with other PPE
  • Manufactured in the UK

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